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Repair of refrigeration co2 tanks

Different kind of thermal insulation rigid such as calcium silicate or semi rigid such as mineral fibers can be used to insulate pipes and curved surfaces.

The thermal insulation is used to insulate hot and cold surfaces and can be applied with stopples. Mastic, tapes or mechanical fasteners, metal jackets can be screwed or banded.

Removal metal flange & valve jackets internally line with insulation can be fabricated upon customer required for easy maintenance purpose.

Cold Insulations for CO2 Tanks :

The traditional technique of cold insulation of CO2 tanks was applying multiple layers of cold insulation material such as (polyurethane) and seal the joints with vapor barrier sealant vapor barrier mastics and fiberglass fabric applied on the last layer.
But that old traditional method need a skillful technicians and careful application, any tiny cracks will cause vapor condensation and eliminate the insulation benefit.

The new technique is applying in factory a rigid polyurethane foam that covering the insulation by fiberglass reinforced polystyrene.

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