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Thermal Insulation & Cladding for equipment & pipes

Equipment & pipes can be insulated for one or more of the followings reasons :

Saving energy (heat or cold conservation )
To protect the personal from burns (if the surface tempreture more than 60°c )
Maintaining temperature process
Prevention of condesation
Protection from the frost
Providing fire protection
Providing acoustic insulation
Types of insulation materials:

There are many types and kinds of the thermal insulation such as rigid , simi rigid , loose , open cell, closed cell ... etc . The selection of suitable insulating material depends on the intended service, temperature range and purpose of insulation .

The thickness of required insulation depends on the purpose of the insulation , process temperature , type of insulation and ambient condition.


Most insulation materials are easily damaged due to different site condition such as extreme climates , foot traffic , operational vehicular movements ...etc Cladding or jacketing is the covering that protects the insulation from damage .

The types of cladding to be applied to the insulation will affects the sensation of surface temperature where the metal cladding will feel hotter the fabric or plastic cladding at the same temperature , a stucco embossed metal cladding will feel different from smooth metal cladding.

Modern Insulation Industry Company (MIIC) is proud to insulate your equipment and pipes and cladding in different industrial fields with experience  and skill .

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