Projects Division

External Repair

MIIC insulates or re-insulates outer surface of all types of Gas Turbine Chimney and cover the insulation with aluminum cladding to protect the insulation.


Purpose of External Insulation:

  • To stop heat transfer from exhaust gases to air around turbines.
  • To protect chimney body from outer environment.
  • To protect the people whom working near to chimney.
  • Since heat is one of power source, insulation reduces the losses of this heat which can be used in boiler or central heating system… etc.


MIIC also supplies insulation, cladding and accessories material such as:

  • Rockwool insulation (board & blanket) with different thickness & densities.
  • Corrugated Aluminum sheets to protect insulation.
  • Stainless steel bands.
  • Teflon spacers.
  • All other accessories such as (pins, lock washer, wing seal… etc.)
  • Steel frame (aluminum sheet support
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