Company Profile

Modern Insulation Industries Co. Ltd. is a Saudi national company established in 1992 as a manufacturer, supplier and leading engineering and contracting company for thermal insulation field.

Modern Insulation Industries Co., your partner in thermal and noise control. MIIC will provide you the comprehensive and most efficient solution for thermal and noise problem.

MIIC Knows How:

Over the years, MIIC accumulates and expands its experience and activities to include more industrial applications such as:

Thermal and acoustic insulation for all hot areas and parts in electrical power plants and industrial applications which includes chimney thermal insulation, exhaust system repair and reconditioning, turbine insulation, silencers repair, expansion joint replacement and repair, thermal Insulation and cladding of tanks, pipe and equipment insulation, kilns & filters … etc.

Modern Insulation Industries Co. (MIIC) carries a wide range of insulation products, ranging from Polyurethane, Insulating Cement, Rockwool, Calcium Silicate, Needled mat, to high temperature Ceramic Fiber products. MIIC has a wide range of complementary products, which includes Aluminum sheet, Tape, Sealant, Fiber Glass cloth, high temperature cloth, stainless Steel band, Stainless Steel knit and Wire mesh etc.

Organizational chart
ارامكو - التميمي - المؤسسة العامة لتحلية المياة الصالحة - الشركة السعودية للكهرباء
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