Commercial Division

Cement board products

Cement boards are manufactured from a composite of materials, mainly containing a Portland cement, Calcium Silicate Compounds (Fused Silica) and Cellulose fibers, The combination of these materials forms a strong, durable sheets which suitable for External & Internal applications. It is entirely free from Asbestos.


  -  Ideal for internal and external uses.
  -  Relatively light in weight (1260 Kg/m3).
  -  Non combustible Material (Class  O)
  -  Provide perfect protection against flying sparks.
  -  Resistant to corrosion.
  -  Resistant to Biological attacks.
  -  Termite resistance
  -  Unaffected by ultraviolet light.
  -  Have good thermal properties (0.19W/mºC)
  -  Asbestos Free
  -  Compatible with a wide range of paints and coating.


  -  Exterior: Façade cladding, Complete outer wall, Soffit- fascia board, etc.
  -  Interior:  Partition, Wet Places, Suspended ceiling
  -  Demountable Building: Projects site Buildings, Stores, ..etc.
  -  Industrial Applications: Partition, Fire Insulation, Sound Insulation. . Etc

Standard Sizes

  -  Length:       2.4 m
  -  Width:         1.2m
  -  Thickness:   4,6,9 & 12 mm

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