Commercial Division

Glass Fiber Needle Mat Type E

The Glass Fiber needle mat, type E is made form E-fiber glass that mechanically bonded to form a blanket insulation materials where the fibers diameter  less than 9 micron, so no skin irritations happened.


- Low thermal conductivity have a good insulation properties against heat and cold.
- Low shrinkage at high temperature.
- High tensile strength.
- Excellent sound absorption.
- Non combustibility, flame speed = 0, smoke developed = 0.
- Low water absorption.


- Thermal and acoustical insulation material for interior partition wall and floor.
- Widely used for wrapping material of all kinds of heat sources.
- Thermal and acoustic insulation material for exhaust pipe, muffler and engine hood.
- Used as a thermal filler for thermal insulation blanket.

Temperature Range:

Up to 7000C (E - type).
Up to 9000C (S - type).

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