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Stainless Steel Wire mesh and Knit mesh

Stainless steel wire mesh products have many different application but for thermal insulation puropose, they are used for protection or covering the insulation material.


- Super in acid resistance.
- Alkali resistance.
- Heat resistance.
- Abrasion resistance.
- High tensile strength.
- Corrosive and abrasive resistance.


Expansion joint: To be used to cover the insulation.
Chimney:    To be used to fix the insulation with the surface of chimney.
Silencers: To be used over the insulation at silencers to fix and protect from air flow.
Blanket:    To be used in hot surface area (burning point) instead of fiber glass fabric.
Shock absorber.
Air filter.
Anti-vibration pipe clips.
Compressed air / oil separator.

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