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Thermal Fabrics

Thermal fabrics are woven from synthetic mineral fibers, such as glass fibers, silica or ceramic fibers. These fabrics can be coated with many different types of coating materials such as Teflon, red silicon, metal polyester, silver silicon, aluminium foil etc.


- Excellent thermal resistance property.
- Excellent chemical stability.
- High temperature stable.
- Low thermal conductivity.
- Harmless.
- Excellent tensile strength.


due to the existence of wide range of thermal fabrics, they can be used for wide range applications as follows:

- A cover for removable, reusable insulation blankets, boards and boxes, turbine and engine blankets.
- Welding curtains.
- A protection against extreme heat or molten metals.
- Safety clothing.
- Flexible ducting applications, expansion joints.
- Stress reliving blankets.
- A cover for acoustical materials in silencers.

Temperature range:
40 - 10000C

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