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Calcium Silicate Board and Pipe Section

Calcium Silicate products are made of hydrous calcium of (silica) and lime reinforced with mineral fibers (asbestos free).


- High Compressive Strength
- Low thermal conductivity
- Low density
- Non-combustible, fire proof material
- Rigid insulation, so the metal jacketing will not be depressed
- Durable, no deterioration, not out of shape under the service temp.
- Asbestos free
- Water resistant: strong in intensity wet or dry


- Hoods and duct thermal insulation
- Boilers, high temperature reactors
- Furnaces, kilns, etc.
- Chemical industry, electrical power plant, petroleum etc.

 In general calcium silicate insulation used as a back-up layer with refractory bricks are used.

Temperature Range              : 650 - 11000C
Density Rang                         : 170 – 220 kg/m3
Standard board size               : 300 X 610 mm

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