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Cement Ceiling Tiles

These ceiling Tiles are manufactured from a composite material containing Portland cement, silica and organic fibers. The combination of these materials, which have considerable strength in their own right, forms a strong and durable ceiling Tiles, which will not deteriorate with age.


  -    Fireproofing & Incombustible:Made by fiber materials; high temperature & pressure   tolerant, incombustible & environmental friendly.
  -    Waterproofing & Anti – moisture:    Crystal structure is highly stable.
  -    Heat insulation & Soundproofing:    Outstanding soundproofing & heat insulation, power-   saving, environmental friendly design and low cost.
  -    Durability & light:    Stable, press tolerant, dust & static electricity free, suitable for every kind of living environment.
  -    Easy to trim & construct:    Can be easily trim by any cutting tools, easy   installation, high efficiency & low cost.
  -    Elegant texture & easy maintenance:    The surface of the board has been specially treated by  printing & high pressure modeling in order to meet  the demand of dust-proofing, anti-color-fanning   & easy cleaning.
  -    Dust & Mildew Free            .
  -    Scrape – proofing.
  -    Patterns:

The ceiling Tiles are available in 3.2 mm thickness and size of 603x603mm (Imperial Size)
The sizes indicated are available with a white background and the pattern printed in either blue, pink, grey or dark grey.

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